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Youth Leadership / Mentoring
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About Youth Leadership / Mentoring
The Howell PAL YLC Program, which began in 2002, now has over one hundred student members who truly represent the future of Howell Township and surrounding areas. This outstanding group of teen and young adults, with dedication and desire, continually provide service to Howell Township and beyond. Once service project example involves adopting and beautifying streets, parks, play areas, and other areas in need of clean up and improvement. Another on-going service project benefits the Howell Township Senior Citizen community whereby the YLC provides meals to seniors, and organizes and conducts needed "handyman" or Spring and Fall clean-ups for seniors who can no longer care for and maintain their homes and property without help. More important, the YLC provides friendship and comfort to those who often find themselves alone and lonely. A college Leadership Council/Alumni Association has also begun that allows successful young adults the ability to stay involved in PAL activities and to mentor our younger students.