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Youth Programs
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About Youth Programs
PAL Programs are designed to be affordable and available at appropriate times throughout the year to the target audience. While some of the programs are year-round, many are divided in one, five, six or eight week sessions and others are seasonal.

Featured Courses

  • Headd Strong Boxing

    Howell PAL Headd Strong Boxing is a yearly program that develops the youth in discipline, leadership, and self-confidence. The program teaches its members the importance of working as a team and everyone has an opportunity to lead as a team captain during training. The program can be useful for young motivators looking into new ways to get in shape, build self confidence, or for those inspiring to compete from local to the national level. The program is linked with USA Boxing therefore its members have an opportunity to get sponsored, nationally ranked, payed, and travel as they develop in their skills. The sky is the limit! For constant updates and any last minute or schedule changes please refer to the Howell PAL Headd Strong Boxing Facebook Page. For any questions please reach out to Coach Headd at 908-565-3394.
  • Little Kickers Instructional Soccer Clinic

    Come out and join us for some fun on our turf soccer field! This program is an instructional program that utilizes fun activities to introduce basic soccer skills without the pressures of the competitive nature of the game. Activities are designed to teach skills like dribbling, shooting and becoming familiar with the soccer field. Please have the kids wear shin guards and cleats.