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PAL Mission Statement The Howell Twp. PAL's mission in our community is to giver every child the opportunity to participate in everyday childhood activities in a safe and caring environment. We do this through a number of programs. Our goal is to provide diversity in our programs in order to reach the greatest number of young people. We also strive to foster a partnership between the youth and the police officers in the community. This is and of itself a tremendous asset to our community. Whenever you have young people in the community playing and working with police officers, the community will benefit. Joining PAL: There are active and un-active members Active members- attend meetings regularly, pay dues, attend service projects outside of the meetings, complete 90 hours of community service per year, and are eligible to travel Associate members- attend meetings on occasion, pay dues, complete under 90 hours of community service per year and are not eligible to travel Service Hours Log: All community service hours should be logged on a monthly service hour's log including the date of event, event name time in, time out, and total hours. The first meeting of the month, the previous months hour sheet is due and should be handed in. Advisors will look over the members hour log and verify the log with the attendance book kept at each event and then an Advisor will sign the log and hand it back to the member. Board Members: Being a board member is a privilege and with it comes great responsibility, to become a board member one- must be in the group for at least 6 months of the PAL year (June 1st-May 31st), attend a minimum of 50% of meetings/events, show up 30 minutes prior to the start of each meeting to discuss the agenda, must write a letter of interest to become a member of the board, then elections will be held. If Board member decides to leave the position, the Advisor's/President will then appoint someone to finish out their term. Reasons to be removed from the Board 1. Lack of participation 2. Lack of cooperation 3. Not following the code of conduct 4. Disrespectful to others 5. Any behavior detrimental to group 6. Criminal activity Some members will be assigned to be the lead person with certain events going on, depending upon what it is the member will either volunteer or be asked to help run an activity. Attendance: All members are expected to attend all meetings, unless they are excused from the meeting which include, previous obligation (family function/sporting event) or sickness. Please tell a board member if you will not be able to attend a meeting so we know how many people to expect in attendance each meeting. All members are asked to bring a pen/paper to each meeting as well as $2.00 in dues which covers the cost of food/drink when it is ordered at the meeting. Speakers: Each meeting there is either one or two members chosen to deliver a speech on a topic or their choice or one selected by the group. The speech only has to be a few minutes long. Traveling: Over the years our group has had the opportunity to travel to numerous places, in order for a member to travel they must- show their commitment to the program by attending a majority of the meetings/events, can NOT be failing any classes at time of travel (minimum of C), dues must be current, and no code of conduct violations. Service Programs/Volunteer Activities: The PAL program has grown in the types of activities we provide for the community. 1. PALS PALS, takes place every Monday at Memorial Elementary School. The volunteers work with children 1st-8th grade all of which have Special Needs. The volunteers try to teach them how to interact with other children their age. They take part in playing fun activities with the children such as kickball, basketball, wiffle ball, bowling, and playing outside on the playground. Volunteers also help with doing arts and crafts activities. Then all the children have a snack. 2. Sports camps are setup each summer, at some point PAl members are asked to come help whether it be serving food or helping out where needed. 3. Holiday giveaways- On Christmas morning members go to local Hospitals to spread some Holiday cheer by handing out gifts and singing some Holiday songs to the patients. 4. Clean Community Days- members clean up certain areas in the town. 5. Christmas Eve Bowling- Our PALS PALS kids come out for lunch and to bowl with the mentors and are given presents. Fundraising: Fundraising is a big part to the program and helps our group be able to do all that we do. Some fundraising events we do are- 1. Old Monmouth Candies 2. Joe Cordis 3. Atlantic City Bus trip (21 and over) These are only a few of the ways we raise money. Stay connected through Remind101- text 81010 with the message @howell

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